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The law firm of AARON WAXMAN AND ASSOCIATES is a boutique personal injury law firm that handles serious personal injury and disability cases.

The reputation of the lawyers working at the personal injury law firm of AARON WAXMAN AND ASSOCIATES is based upon the outstanding advocacy and personal commitment they have exhibited to their clients. Not surprisingly, AARON WAXMAN's legal practice is built upon referrals from prior clients, physicians, and treatment providers who recognize the results that AARON WAXMAN's legal team, has achieved for their clients.


About Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto

Serious injuries and illness have the ability to destroy a person's life along with their entire family. One of the most important decisions a person can make when one has suffered a traumatic injury or disability is selecting the personal injury lawyer that is right for you. Let us help you to better understand your rights and work for you and your family.

At the firm of AARON WAXMAN AND ASSOCIATES, we take your injuries to heart. Our personal injury team is devoted to helping you recover fully from your loss. AARON WAXMAN has achieved outstanding settlements for his clients. Our legal team is not afraid to fight for the rights of each and every client. Our dedication and relentless pursuit of a just and fair financial settlement have served our clients well.

I, AARON WAXMAN, encourage you to contact us and to meet with my legal team for a no-obligation consultation to answer any of your questions.

Let our lawyers handle your personal injury or motor vehicle accident case in Toronto



All initial consultations with our personal injury lawyers are free. The lawyers at AARON WAXMAN AND ASSOCIATES are available for home and hospital visits and can be reached by telephone 24/7 at
(416) 661-HURT (4878).


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