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Road News: What’s going on out there?

The Toronto Star posted an article titled “Headphones Kill: Pedestrian deaths, injuries tripled in seven years”.  Now this is a frightening statistic. Over the past couple of years,  we do hear about pedestrian accidents on the radio on an almost daily basis. When the seasons change, when we turn the clocks ahead or back…But…are headphones contributing to these accidents?

It could be. Ipods are more popular than ever. Blackberrys, Androids and iPhones all have the capability to play music. Researchers studied databases for reports from 2004 to 2011 for accidents involving the use of headphones, of which 81 were fatal. During this time period, results tripled compared to previous years.

The study was published in the journal, Injury Prevention and the researchers suggest the use of headphones with handheld devices may pose a risk to the safety of pedestrians. Most accident victims were males under the age of 30. Nine out of ten accidents happened in urban areas.

Another recently posted article discusses the increase in deer-related collisions. in areas like Sudbury and Bancroft, Ontario. Collisions with wildlife are traumatizing and can cause major damage to your vehicle. The costs of repairing vehicles involved in these types of collisions range from $4000-$6000  generally, to $8000-$9000 for new vehicles according to collision repair shops.

Parents should be aware of new rules concerning children’s car seats that came into effect January 1, 2012. Of course the new regulations are aimed at keeping children safe. New regulations include new testing parameters, particularly for booster seats, which went untested before.

In addition, seats will now accommodate children up to 30kg and infant seats must be able to hold babies up to a weight of 10kg.

Transport Canada has said, however, there is no need to replace old seats, as long as they haven’t passed their expiration date. But, car seats should always be replaced if they have been involved in an accident, collision or been damaged or dropped from a height.

Retailers have been informed only to sell the seats that meet then new requirements. Consumers who shop for second hand seats should be cautious and make sure the seat has no damage and has not been in any prior accidents and make sure it meets the guidelines and has the National Safety Mark.

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