Be Safe this Halloween!

Halloween is upon us and while it is a time of treats and festivities for many, parents, drivers, pedestrians, drivers and cyclists alike have to be aware that it is a time to be concerned for safety.

680 News featured a newscast about Halloween safety. From increased pedestrians, to Halloween parties and possible drunk drivers, it is a night to be on high alert for car accidents.

Remember, if you are hosting a party and serving alcohol, you are responsible for ensuring your guests get home safely. Offer your guests a place to stay. Do not encourage drinking and driving. Make sure designated drivers are arranged or taxis are called.

Be on the lookout for those trick-or-treaters crossing streets, because costumes may be dark, and some areas may not be well lit.

An average of 4 people are killed in impaired driving related accidents daily in Canada.

Aaron Waxman & Associates encourages you to be safe this Halloween!

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