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7 Tips: What to Do if You Are Filing or Have a Disability Claim

If you are preparing to file a disability claim or have an ongoing disability claim, there are many things you have to consider. We, at Aaron Waxman & Associates aim to provide you with assistance with your long-term disability insurance claims.

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Read Your Insurance Policy: Be familiar with your policy and its wording. Find out what the proper procedure is in order to file a claim and what documents you need to provide.
  2. Keep Records: Keep records of everything related to your disability case. This includes all correspondence received from your insurer, all correspondence sent to your insurance company and all copies of medical records relating to your case.
  3. Be Honest: Tell your lawyer and your doctors and treatment providers about all of your symptoms, pains and difficulties you are having. It is important to report any changes in your status.
  4. Take Notes: Makes notes of all conversations and contact you have with your insurance company. Keep a journal of your pain, symptoms and limitations. Take notes when you go to doctor’s appointments and specialist appointments.
  5. Provide Documentation: Provide your lawyer with necessary documentation relevant to your claim. Be sure to provide your lawyer with a copy of your insurance policy, correspondence received from your insurer detailing your benefits status and amounts etc. You should also provide your lawyer with a list of your medications, diagnosed conditions, activity limitations and restrictions, and every aspect of your claim.
  6. Read Everything Carefully: Be sure to read every word of every letter you receive from the insurance company. Don’t sign anything you are unsure of. If you are ever unsure, review the document with your lawyer.
  7. Don’t Just Settle: Don’t settle for less. Be sure that if you are offered a settlement it is fair and you review it with your lawyer. If you are pursuing your claim through your lawyer, your lawyer can assist you in negotiating a fair settlement. 

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